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By American Dental Associates
February 21, 2022
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When was the last time you paid Dr. Steve Pleickhardt and Dr. Eric Capps a visit? If you're like many people, chances are it was more than six months ago. We hear the reasons why people neglect regular dental visits all the time: lack of money or quality dental insurance, busy schedules, and fear. However, your twice-yearly checkups are so important for your dental health and your overall health as well.

You may brush your teeth twice a day and even floss, and your teeth may feel fine, but regular dental checkups with American Dental in Bristow, VA, aren’t about addressing problems and reacting — they are about cavity prevention. No matter how much you brush and floss, there is still a chance that food or other debris can get lodged between your teeth, and there is also a chance that food and beverages can wear down your tooth enamel in between visits, making your teeth vulnerable to decay.

In addition to thorough teeth cleaning and polishing, these regular visits help us detect and prevent the onset of tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. During your visit, we’ll check the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. We’ll also check old fillings and restorations, as these can wear away over time from constant chewing, grinding, or clenching.

It's important to know that the majority of dental problems do not become visible or painful until they are highly advanced. And, unfortunately, serious oral issues are painful and expensive to treat. A deep cleaning twice a year by Dr. Steve Pleickhardt and Dr. Eric Capps is the best way to hit all the spots you may have missed with brushing and flossing and prevent any problems that may have gone unseen.

Make sure your teeth get the professional attention they deserve! If you’re overdue for your next cleaning, please give us a call to schedule an appointment at American Dental in Bristow, VA, at 703-753-6695.

By American Dental Associates
February 17, 2022
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Nobody can predict a dental emergency. That’s what makes them so inconvenient. The good news is that American Dental in Bristow, VA, is always available to assist you, so there’s no reason you should minimize an emergency. Just call to see Dr. Steve Pleickhardt and Dr. Eric Capps.

Among the most common emergencies we see are lost fillings, lost crowns, and broken dentures. Lost fillings and lost crowns are very similar. A key difference, however, is that fillings are used to repair cavities but crowns are used to cover broken or damaged teeth.

Over time, it’s not uncommon for fillings and crowns to grow loose and fall out. If you lose a crown or a filling, hot or cold temperatures will likely begin to trigger pain because of the exposed tissue. The discomfort might seem manageable, but it’s better to get these situations fixed as soon as possible so you can avoid getting food stuck or developing an infection.

Unlike a busted filling or crown, a broken denture is more likely to make itself known constantly, every day. It can make chewing, swallowing, and eating properly difficult. Depending on the damage, you may require a new denture altogether.

If you’re experiencing any problems with your dentures, or suspect that they might be broken, it’s best to contact American Dental in Bristow, VA, immediately to avoid further damage. Dr. Steve Pleickhardt and Dr. Eric Capps are always here to help, especially when your dental health is at risk.

These things happen, so don’t feel embarrassed, and please don’t hesitate to give us a call as soon as you notice or suspect something’s wrong! Get in touch with us … the sooner the better. Call (703) 753-6695.

By American Dental Associates
February 17, 2022
Category: Dental Procedures
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Tooth extraction is necessary if a tooth suffers from serious decay, trauma, or overcrowding, according to the American Dental Association. Dr. Steve Pleickhardt of American Dental can help his Bristow, VA, patients figure out what's best for you!

More About Tooth Extractions

Surgery scares people and oral surgery isn't any different but if you follow these tips, you may be able to avoid getting a tooth extraction:

  • Brush your teeth
    • You need to brush twice a day
    • Make sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging enamel
    • Brush your molars to avoid decay
  • Floss at least once before bed
    • Make sure you floss around each tooth, especially molars
    • People don't always know how to floss so ask your Bristow dentist
  • Avoid poor lifestyle habits
    • smoking and chewing tobacco
    • drinking excessive amounts of coffee and tea

What if you need a tooth extraction because of trauma?

If you need a tooth extraction because of trauma, a severely damaged tooth while playing a sport, or overcrowded teeth because you have a small mouth, then oral surgery may be necessary.

What does the process entail?

  1. Examine the severity of the situation
  2. Schedule an appointment with your dentist
  3. Your dentist will give you a sedative before the procedure to numb your mouth
  4. After extracting the tooth, the doctor stitches the extraction area and places gauze to stop bleeding and prevent blood clot formation

Care After your Tooth Extraction:

  • Change the gauze periodically
  • Avoid using a straw
  • Use a painkiller prescribed by your dentist
  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water

Want to learn more?

If you think you need a tooth extraction, consult Dr. Steve Pleickhardt of American Dental at his Bristow, VA: (703) 753-6695.

By American Dental Associates
September 21, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Do you have gaps in your smile? Missing teeth affect the look and function of your smile. Your dental team at American Dental offers dental implants in Falls Church, VA, also serving Bristow, VA, to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth so you can smile with confidence.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a complete tooth replacement option because they are placed in the jaw bone and act like natural tooth roots. Implants consist of a small screw-shaped post that is permanently implanted in the jaw bone during minor surgery. As the implant area heals over a period of several weeks, the post will fuse with the bone. Your dentist will then add a custom-made crown to the implant that looks just like a natural tooth. Your new implant will blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile.

Caring for your dental implants is easy because you just brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once the way you normally do. They will not require any special care, and they will never decay.

Dental implants are versatile and can be used to replace one or several teeth. Dental implants can support full or partial dentures and implant-supported bridges.

Are You A Good Candidate for Dental Implants in Falls Church, VA, or Bristow, VA?

Dental implants aren’t right for everyone. Missing teeth come with other side effects like bone loss. If you don’t have enough bone density to support an implant, you will have to look into getting a bone graft first. Smoking will interfere with the healing process, so you should quit before getting implants. Another thing to consider is your oral health. Any problems with your gums or cavities in your teeth need to be addressed by your dentist before you get dental implants.

To find out if you are a candidate for dental implants in Falls Church, VA, also serving Bristow, VA, contact the team at American Dental. Call (703) 753-6695 to schedule an appointment today.

By American Dental Associates
September 01, 2021
Category: Dental Care

Maintaining oral health is crucial for your overall health. If you need dental procedures done, and are looking for a dentist in Bristow, VA that you can trust, you can go to American Dental and set up a consultation with Dr. Steve Pleickhardt and Dr. Jason Hwang.

Importance of Regular Dental Care

The common knowledge is that you only need to see your dentist twice a year. That’s true, but only depending on how good the condition of your oral health is, in the first place. If you are suffering from any other conditions, then you may need to come in more often for treatment.

What many people don’t realize is that dental health has an impact on one’s overall health. Certain oral conditions, for example, have been connected to other health concerns. Deteriorating oral health is a sign of Alzheimer’s, it’s been found. Meanwhile, tooth loss is also connected to osteoporosis. 

These are but a few examples of oral health affecting or being connected to one’s overall health. That’s why it’s important to have regular visits with a dentist in Bristow, VA, such as Dr. Steve Pleickhardt of American Dental. 

Common Dental Procedures

Here are some of the common dental procedures you can get to maintain oral health: 

  • Teeth Cleaning - If you’ve been taking care of your teeth well, there may not be much to do at the dentist’s office except to keep it clean. Some stains may be harder to remove, such as wine stains or nicotine, causing discoloration. A thorough clean can help whiten and improve the appearance of your teeth. 
  • Crowns and Fillings -  Dental crowns are attachments custom fit to the affected tooth to protect it from further decay and to keep it from breaking apart completely. Fillings, on the other hand, are meant to cover up the damage resulting from tooth decay. 
  • Dental Implants - Having an incomplete set of teeth can affect not only your oral functions but also your confidence. Dental implants can help resolve these issues. Implants are usually made of titanium and zirconia, ensuring its long-lasting quality. 

Consult with a reliable dentist in Bristow, VA, such as Dr. Pleickhardt and Dr. Hwang of American Dental to keep your dental health in check. You can call (703) 753-6695 to set an appointment.

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