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By American Dental Associates
February 21, 2022
Category: Dental Care
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When was the last time you paid Dr. Steve Pleickhardt and Dr. Eric Capps a visit? If you're like many people, chances are it was more than six months ago. We hear the reasons why people neglect regular dental visits all the time: lack of money or quality dental insurance, busy schedules, and fear. However, your twice-yearly checkups are so important for your dental health and your overall health as well.

You may brush your teeth twice a day and even floss, and your teeth may feel fine, but regular dental checkups with American Dental in Bristow, VA, aren’t about addressing problems and reacting — they are about cavity prevention. No matter how much you brush and floss, there is still a chance that food or other debris can get lodged between your teeth, and there is also a chance that food and beverages can wear down your tooth enamel in between visits, making your teeth vulnerable to decay.

In addition to thorough teeth cleaning and polishing, these regular visits help us detect and prevent the onset of tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. During your visit, we’ll check the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. We’ll also check old fillings and restorations, as these can wear away over time from constant chewing, grinding, or clenching.

It's important to know that the majority of dental problems do not become visible or painful until they are highly advanced. And, unfortunately, serious oral issues are painful and expensive to treat. A deep cleaning twice a year by Dr. Steve Pleickhardt and Dr. Eric Capps is the best way to hit all the spots you may have missed with brushing and flossing and prevent any problems that may have gone unseen.

Make sure your teeth get the professional attention they deserve! If you’re overdue for your next cleaning, please give us a call to schedule an appointment at American Dental in Bristow, VA, at 703-753-6695.

By American Dental Associates
March 30, 2016
Category: Oral Health

Get ready to dazzle them all when you get professional teeth whitening in Gainesville.

It’s not too surprising that we put a lot of value on our smiles. If your American Dental dentist Dr. Steve Pleickhardt were to ask people what teeth whiteningthey would change about their smiles we bet may people would say that they want to get whiter and more radiant teeth. If you are happy with the overall shape of your smile but would like to brighten your teeth and remove yellowing and stains then teeth whitening might be the best option for you.

What stains can professional whitening tackle?

It’s true that our system offers the strongest bleaching gel that you can get. This coupled with the chairside laser we use to active the gel and speed up the whitening process ensures that patients get beautiful results in under an hour. Of course, there are certain stains that will respond better to teeth whitening than others including stains caused by:

  • Foods/drinks (wine, tomato sauce, tea, coffee, etc.)
  • Aging
  • Smoking

Internal stains caused by trauma, excessive exposure to fluoride or certain medications do not respond as well to teeth whitening as external stains will. Of course, there are other cosmetic dentistry treatments that can get your smile more radiant so don’t hesitate to talk to your Gainesville cosmetic dentist about other options.

Why choose in-office whitening?

We know that there are many ways to whiten smiles, from using whitening toothpastes to opting for at-home systems, but if you are looking to get a significantly brighter smile in under one hour then you’ll want to come in for in-office whitening. You may spend more for this treatment than you would with commercial products but many patients agree that the results are well worth it.

In-office whitening is designed to brighten and remove stains from the front eight teeth. In some instances it can even get smiles up to 10 shades brighter. Plus we are trained to handle any issues that may arise, including tooth sensitivity (which is much harder to control when using at-home whitening systems).

These results can also last up to two years if you maintain good oral hygiene, avoid stain-producing foods and smoking, and continue to visit us every six months for routine cleanings and exams.

Professional teeth whitening has been giving countless people brilliant smiles and you could be next. To find out if you’re a good candidate for whitening call American Dental today.

By American Dental Associates
March 16, 2015
Category: Dental Care
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Teeth WhiteningGive your smile a radiant makeover with professional in-office teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures worldwide. It’s a simple, painless way to get a more vibrant and healthier-looking smile. However, perhaps you’ve been putting teeth whitening treatment on the back burner because you’re still not sure what makes it any different than buying the teeth whitening kits from your local drugstores. Your Gainesville dentist is here to tell you what makes in-office whitening so unique.

What are the benefits of in-office teeth whitening?

If you’ve ever tried a commercial whitening product, then you probably remember it takes multiple weeks before you started to notice results. However, in-office teeth whitening offers the fastest results around. In only one 45-minute session, your smile could be up to 10 shades whiter. Most patients only require one session to achieve the desired results.

Furthermore, this is one of the safest ways to bleach teeth. Your Gainesville dentist’s knowledge coupled with our professional-grade bleach will whiten teeth faster and more efficiently while also being able to control for any gum or tooth sensitivity that a patient may experience.

What stains could in-office teeth whitening remove?

In-office teeth whitening is most effective again stains and tooth discolorations that are causing by consuming certain foods and drinks (e.g. coffee, sodas, berries, dark sauces), using tobacco or just from aging. It’s true that over time our teeth do become darker, causing our teeth to look more yellow or brown in nature. However, yellowing teeth are often the easiest to whiten with our in-office whitening system.

Keep in mind that there are certain stains that in-office whitening won’t be able to treat, like internal stains caused by trauma or an overexposure to antibiotics or fluoride.

What should I expect when I see my Gainesville dentist for teeth whitening?

When you come in for your first teeth whitening sessions we will apply a professional-grade bleaching gel that is so strong that only your dentist can use it. Once applied, we will use a laser to activate the whitening ingredients within the gel. After 15 minutes we will remove the gel, reapply a fresh layer and then use the light source to activate the gel once more. One 45-minute session usually involves three different whitening applications.

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

If you are experiencing yellow or brown stains and discolorations due to foods, drinks, tobacco or just natural aging, then you would be a great candidate for teeth whitening. Even if you naturally experience tooth sensitivity, we can tailor your whitening treatment to create an experience that is gentle on teeth and gums. If you are interested in teeth whitening then it’s time to contact your Gainesville dentist, Dr. Steve Pleickhardt, DDS at American Dental.

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