New Movers

Finding a Dentist may be the last thing on your mind after moving...

Here Are FIVE Crucial Reasons Why It Shouldn't Be!

Moving can be a hectic time, and there are probably, million things on your "to-do list." If finding a new dentist isn't one of them, here are FIVE important reasons why it should be!

  1. 75% of Americans have some form of gum disease, which has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, tooth loss and bad breath. Regular dental visits can prevent gum disease. 
  2. Professional dental cleanings will give you a nicer, brighter smile. And don't you want a beautiful smile when you meet your new neighbors?
  3. Small dental problems caught early will be much less expensive to take care of. If a small untreated cavity turns into more serious tooth decay it may cost ten times as much to treat or more!
  4. In the United States alone, one person dies every hour from oral cancer. Your dentist can provide, simple, painless oral cancer screening. 
  5. Untreated dental issues can become very painful very quickly. Visiting a dentist NOW can prevent emergency situations from arising on nights or weekends. 

Dr. Steve Pleickhardt has been serving the Gainesville community for many years and loves welcoming new patients into his practice. His well-trained team of professionals and high tech office will make your visit convenient, quick, comfortable and relaxing. 

From simple cleanings to advanced cosmetic procedures, we do it all. We offer flexible payment plans for the most demanding budgets, and we bill your insurance for you! Your comfort is our main concern!

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We would love to invite you to become a new patient in our wonderful practice. We also work with most insurance plans and will gladly help to maximize your benefits,

To your health,

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